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Issue-1, 2005
Issue-1, 2005
Issue-1, 2005

E-Product News
Issue-1, 2005
Issue-2, 2004




The world is on the move, markets and on the move and as always Amadeus is on the move. This time we move ahead to once again show the industry what it really takes to be the market leader - what you see under this banner is the Amadeus "e-nterface" an e-zine. Information has been the key to any business moving forward and making correct use of information is an even more important part. With technology taking over nearly every aspect of our daily lives we have a deluge of information particularly through the Internet. However at times likes these the sheer diversity and volumes if information on a particular subject can confuse the best of us.

That is where "e-nterface" comes in. It is our endeavour and commitment to bring to you some answers, reassurances and assertions of how your business can benefit to the maximum in the days, months and years to come with Amadeus product range and services.



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