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Amadeus Technology

Making technology work for our customers

At Amadeus, making technology work for customers is our business. We provide the technology services and solutions they need to become leaders in the world's largest, and fastest moving, industry.

From distribution and connectivity to advanced e-commerce and management applications, we use technology to expand possibilities for any organisation that sells, buys or provides travel services.

Based on open standards, every Amadeus technological solution is designed for the full integration demanded by today's networked world.

Our technological heart

The Amadeus Data Processing Centre, based at Erding, Germany is the technological heart of the Amadeus System, our powerful bookings and reservations engine. Housed in an 'intelligent building' our Data Centre is one of Europe's largest civilian data processing centres and is configured to provide round the clock failsafe availability. Equipment is symmetrically distributed across six independent computer rooms to provide emergency back-up and additional plug-in capacity.

Our global network

Amanet, the Amadeus global network, is our data backbone. Linking providers and users, it enables the high-speed transmission of huge amounts of data, video and voice, across a highly secure infrastructure, supported by robust back-up systems. Major Amadeus markets in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific link directly to Amanet. Other markets connect with our global network via third party telecommunications service partners.

Our commitment to innovation

Internet technologies are transforming the travel and tourism industries. With innovation coming from every quarter, Amadeus partners with technology and applications leaders across the world to keep our customers at the forefront of change.

With partners of the calibre of ITA, Ericsson, BroadVision, SAP, Lotus and Fourth Dimension Software, we have developed e-commerce solutions that transform how people and companies buy, sell or manage travel. We continuously invest heavily in our core network - over 90 million Euros in the last two years to maintain and strengthen Amanet as the platform for the world's most advanced, effective and reliable distribution service.

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