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Stars of Amadeus 2008 - Ceylon Continental Hotel Colombo

It’s a norm with Amadeus Lanka to do innovative things. Since the launch in Sri Lanka, Amadeus has been changing the way air line business carry out its job; technologically setting trends, establishing benchmarks. And when it comes to delighting their loyal agents with a party, they make no exception.

It was time for Amadeus annual agents function again this October. The theme was another first from Amadeus, and a total blowout of entertainment. ‘Stars Of Amadeus’ came alive on the 31st October 2008 at the Ceylon Continental Sapphire Ball Room, where agents had to perform on stage for their colleagues and fellowmen of the trade.

The ‘Stars Of Amadeus’ started taking shape in last 23rd September, when the agents were given a glimpse of what is in the offing; by means of a trailer. To enter into the Competition Agents had to come up with a performance to a sound track done by them or to an original song of 5 to 7 minutes and video graph the sequence. Out of those video entries; best 5 were chosen to perform on the Big Night to shine among their colleagues and to crown the Best of Best.

Night of ‘Stars Of Amadeus’ was anticipated much and participated by all with exhilaration. The Country Manager-Mr. Dennis Fonseka, Head of Markets-Mr. Henry Moses along with the Team Amadeus welcomed the guests. The entrance decorated with stars and flower amplified the gist of the theme. The night’s events started with the Country Manager delivering the welcome speech. The spot light was then taken by Team Amadeus with a performance of their own. All the departments of Amadeus were represented and the act was acclaimed “pretty original”

Time slots were given to the finalists earlier for their performances. The five finalists were Classic Travels, Hemas travels, Nkar Travels, Scenic Ventures and VMS Travels. VMS Travels performed to a sound track which made with 3 famous songs. Sequentially a song from stage play ‘Maname’, Oye Ojaye and ‘Yeh Atha Athoramai Vaariya’ Nkar Travels performed for 'Anangaya' and ‘Whiskey Kade Poosa’ Hemas Travels acted to ‘None Mage Sudu None’ and ‘Nonage Ale’ Scenic Ventures performed for ‘Signore’ Classic Travel acted to ‘Ran Kooduwe Damala’ The acts were enjoyed by the agents amidst their peers, while enjoying the cocktails and the buffet.

Classic travel came first in the contest while VMS Travels and Scenic Ventures took home the first runner up and second runner up consecutively. Hemas Travels and Nkar Travels were recognized for participation. All the acts were received highly by the merry crowd and the performances, presentation, preparation and the efforts of the actors were complimented with much congratulation. The whole effort brought out the talents & unity among the agents and spur of entertainment. By the unparalleled reception it was only evident that the idea behind the project was fruitful.

The party really kicked off, after everybody who were brave enough to perform on stage opening the dance floor to the music of the sassiest ‘Sohan & the X-periments’ The bash went on with the jovial crowd dancing to the night.

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Agents performing for their songs.

and, Some exciting moments

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