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Amadeus Lanka hosts a forum for Airline Partner

In sync with its policy to ensure viable working partnership at local levels with Airline partners, Amadeus Lanka organised a forum for all senior officials in Colombo. The idea behind this airline forum was to provide airlines in Sri Lanka an insight into our global partnerships with airlines and how we can work more closely with them in the region.

Amadeus Global was represented by Senior Directors from Bangkok as well as from the NMC headquarters in New Delhi. Speaking on the occasion were Ankur Bhatia, Managing Director for Amadeus in the subcontinent, Tim Russell, Director Markets, Asia Pacific, Louis Lee, Director, Airline Business Group and Rajesh Suri, Senior Manager Airlines & Provider Support, Indian subcontinent.

Issues that were brought to light were Amadeus evolving as for tomorrow as an e-commerce player and technology service provider with a host of tools and products for airlines in the offing. As much as the issue of passive segments was discussed figures proved that as compared to the other CRS's there has been a drop only in Amadeus' share by 3.50% in the passive segments market share of Sri Lanka.

With the Amadeus Asia Pacific headquarters firmly established in Bangkok there is a dedicated providers team based there to work more closely with all airline offices in the region. Even within the subcontinent, Amadeus has regional Airline co-ordinators who are constantly working with airline reaffirming their commitment as "partners in progress."

Amadeus Lanka actively took part in the Travel Trade Sports Club

Amadeus Lanka team at the inauguration ceremony of Sharmila

Sri Lanka airlines agency sales conference 2014

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