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Solutions for Railway Companies

Ready for the rail revolution?

Deregulation and privatisation are encouraging greater competition in the railway industry, forcing companies to face new and unique challenges, including the expansion of new high speed rail networks and the launch of new routes.

Rail is also increasingly being seen as a suitable travel alternative to air, as well as complementary to air travel in transporting traffic to and from airports.

In order to help with the changing times, Amadeus has a full suite of solutions directed to railway companies to ensure they maximise revenue.

Would you like:

  • Broaden your distribution reach
  • Increase your presence in traditional and new distribution channels.
  • Reach your corporate customers via corporate travel management applications
  • Have an automated, international distribution tool with generic ticketing solutions
  • Give travel agents across markets a user-friendly, generic rail booking tool
  • Compete with traditional air routes
  • Establish interline partnerships with airlines for feeder traffic
  • Minimise development costs for GDS applications

We have the solution for you

Your partner in distribution

Our automated rail distribution tool gives users real-time access to your data, allowing them to make bookings quickly and reality. Rail bookings can be integrated into the Passenger Name Record (PNR).

We have solutions to suit the needs of different railway companies. From real-time connections with your own reservation system, to full integration of your inventory on the Amadeus System through Amadeus Integrated Access.

With Amadeus's Integrated Access application for rail bookings your inventory and availability is shown consistently with airline information. In fact, Amadeus is the first GDS to integrate rail in the main display according to the principles of the European Union Code of Conduct. This means rail information appears on screen directly with air data. The expansion of high speed rail networks is already a reality and our solutions are ideal for you to compete on typical air routes and feed longer air traffic routes. Your data is automatically integrated into all Amadeus web-based front office travel agency platforms, web travel initiatives and Amadeus corporate self-booking tools.

Additional benefits of Amadeus Rail include:

  • Agents using industry-standard ATB2 printers for rail tickets - no need for different providers
  • Our guided bookings make it easier for non-rail specialists to book seats on your trains.
  • Online advertising allow you to target specific agents with marketing and promotional messages
  • Servicing solutions that ensure you can manage your data efficiently while your products are being presented to the market in the style you wish

Get connected with Amadeus

No matter what your rail distribution needs, we have a solution for you. Contact us for more information.

See Amadeus Advantages

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