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Feeling the pressure?

Selling hotel rooms is not as simple as it used to be. Today, travel agents are looking for a much higher level of accuracy in the information presented to them. They are also looking to maximise their business planning through fixed allocations and block guaranteed rooms. All the same time the Internet has brought a new array of opportunities and challenges while self booking tools are bringing corporate customers into the mainstream community of direct bookers.

Hotel companies need to be present in new distribution channels. You have to target new markets and to reap the benefits through new technologies. You also have to continue driving your business and tackle familiar issues, such as selling distressed inventory, in order to maximise revenue per available room - but as always, at minimum distribution costs.

You need to ensure that availability and rates data transmitted through different channels is accurate and reliable. That the right rate is being shown and sold to the right customer - after all how else can you monitor yield without falling into rate displacement?

So why not let us help you take care of your business?

Amadeus Hotels is word-wide distribution, marketing and sales tool allowing you to offer your products and services to Amadeus users worldwide. Over 320 hotel chains have chosen Amadeus to distribute their properties - over 54,000 of them.

Your partner in distribution

  • By connecting to the Amadeus System you can:
  • Give real-time booking access to a worldwide network of travel agencies
  • Sell directly to business travellers through our self-booking corporate applications
  • Sell to business and leisure travellers directly through online travel initiatives powered by Amadeus.

Constant Innovation

As the needs of our customers change, we modify and enhance our distribution solutions. We are constantly improving the quality of the hotel information we display to users of all channels.

This year we are developing 'Dynamic Access', an industry-leading solution, that ensures accuracy and timeliness in rate data on our comparative shopping and single property displays. We are enhancing our products to allow you to take full advantage of online distribution.

You are in control

You have constant, direct access to our system for information updates. Through a single entry point you control how your products and services are shown to the market - on all channels. Our distribution applications are as flexible as your business. You decide what rates and availability are viewed by what audience, which means you can be sure that the right rate is shown to the right customer.

Use our multilingual advertising tools to publicise last minute deals and special offers - an ideal solution for distressed inventory. Plus, our customised marketing information reports allow you to benchmark your activity against that of your competitors and helps you identify market niches and opportunities.

Your partner in E-commerce

Outsource the development and maintenance of your website bookings to us. Our web technology can power your hotel web booking facility - from basic booking to the latest in website personalisation, one-to-one marketing and wireless technologies.

e-Travel, Amadeus' e-commerce business unit, is fully dedicated to delivering on-line travel solutions to e-commerce players, worldwide.

To find out more about e-Travel on-line services and solutions, go to www.e-travel.com.

Information about your rates shown on any of the Amadeus distribution platforms, can come directly from your in-house reservation system, so you can be sure the data shown online is accurate and reliable.

Information about your rates shown on any of the Amadeus distribution platforms, can come directly from your in-house reservation system, so you can be sure the data shown online in accurate and reliable.

Your partner in information technology

Already a recognised technology provider for the travel industry, we have the competence and infrastructure to help you create the tools to make your business more successful.

Get connected with Amadeus

Amadeus Hotels offers a wealth of distribution possibilities to your company. Making the most of these opportunities is a lot easier than you may think.

Whether your hotel is large or small, independent or a member of a hotel chain or franchise, we have the right solution for you. We can help you expand your distribution horizons maximising your technological capabilities. E-mail us today to learn how to get connected with Amadeus.

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