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Solutions for Airlines

Your business environment has changed significantly in the past few years. In many areas, the travel agency market has consolidated and a few big players dominate the market. In other parts, individual travel agencies generate most of your distribution.

The worldwide development of the Internet opens new seat distribution opportunities. However, you must understand this channel and manage it efficiently.

Complete Outsourcing solutions

New distribution channels, including your own reservation organisation, impact the performance of your IT applications. You need the latest technology to optimise your sales through those channels. Amadeus now goes beyond the services of a traditional Global Distribution System (GDS). Having always offered you distribution services to more than 50,000 travel agencies, we are now in a position to be your partner in the entire passenger management process.

From the design of your flights to:

  • Sales through various channels
  • The check-in process
  • The delivery of travel services beyond the airport of arrival

See Amadeus Advantages

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