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June 2016

"Process for EMD issuance for residual value (RSVR)"MH
"Refund Guidelines"MH

April 2016

"Amadeus Ticket Changer Available for more Airlines"MH
" Turkish Airlines (TK) - New participating carrier in amadeus ticket Changer"MH

March 2016

"TST Enhancement – New Indicator for Baggage Allowance Update"MH
" Fare Rule Enhancement – Display of the Voluntary Changes Conditions (Category 31)"MH

January 2015

" The United States Department of Transportation–Passenger Notification on Hazardous Materials"MH

" EY Chauffeur Service "MH

" Enhancement in TST (Cryptic) Display for Negotiated Fare"MH

December 2014

" Enhancement to TST Display through a separator (-) between Tax amount and Tax code"MH

November 2014

" Amadeus PNR claim Functionality"MH

" APIS Information Addition Through ASP Graphical Mode!"MH

September 2014

"AirAsia India - Light Ticketing Flow!"MH
"The Amadeus Fare Guarantee Policy!"MH

August 2014

"Decommissioning of Governmental Tax details based on Tax code FQNTAX/XX (Tax code)"MH

July 2014

"Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) – For Quick Reference"MH

"Amadeus announces issuance of Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) by Travel Agents"MH

June 2014

"Get more confident on EMD issuance!"MH

May 2014

"Standalone Entry to Display Fare Rule Note (FRN)! "MH

April 2014

"Fare Display (FQD) Enhancement with new Tour Code Option for Negotiated/Unifares Fares!"MH


"BirdRes Itinerary!"MH

"Amadeus Enhancement to the Itinerary document (IEP)!"MH

October 2013

"Amadeus Sign in Security Restatement!"MH

September 2013

"Increase in the number of Remarks (RM) in a PNR!"MH

August 2013

"Office profile field List of Authorized Ticketing Carriers(LAT)!"MH

July 2013

"Inclusion of Ticket Expiration Warning message & Carry-on Bags information in E-ticket Receipt (ITR)!"MH

"Amadeus Sign in Security Restatement!"MH

June 2013

"Amadeus booking push – queue 15! "MH

May 2013

"Amadeus E-Support Centre for Travel Agents"MH

April 2013

"ATC: Automated Reissue TST (TQR) History Display" MH

"Mihin Lanka Proposed Fare Increase effective 20th Apr 2013" MH

December 2012

"Amadeus Hotels Plus (Multisource)!"

"Amadeus Enhancement to the Itinerary document functionality and layout"

November 2012

"Amadeus E ticket ITR Enhancement - Disclosure of Additional Information About Carry On Baggage"

October 2012

"Amadeus PNR Security"

September 2012

"Disclosure of Baggage Allowance and Fees on the ITR"

"Amadeus Seat Map Enhancement – Extra Leg Room Indicator in Interactive Seat Map"

August 2012

"OSI contact element in AIRIMP format for Air India"
"Amadeus e-Support Centre for Travel Agents"

July 2012

"Do You Pledge to Make Earth a Greener Place ?"

June 2012

"Amadeus PNR – Extension in Number of SSR Elements!"

May 2012

"Enhancements to Seat Map Display Preferences!"

"Amadeus Ticket Changer Now Available For More Airlines!"

April 2012

"TST History Enhancement"

March 2012

"Marketing Perating Carrier Info TWD ITR"

February 2012

"USDOT-Disclosure of Baggage allowance and fees - ITR and endorsement Enhancements"

"Represent Amadeus e-support for Travel Agents"

" Baggage Allowance Display Criteria"

January 2012

"Amadeus PNR History Explorer - EHP"

December 2011

"Credit Card number concealed all the way from PNR creation to the EOT and Ticket Issuance"

"PNR Handling Guidelines"

November 2011

"Airline Service Fee Solution - Optional Payment Charge (OPC) for LH Group of Airlines"

October 2011 "Refund Guidelines"

"Enhancement in Pre-Ticket ability Check New Appended Message"

September 2011

"Baggage Provision Selection Criteria - IATA Resolution 302"

August 2011

"Data Security through Password Protection"

"FA Element – New Update Process for Revalidation"

"Passenger Contact to Airlines - OSI (other service) Message"

"Amadeus Introduces Validating Carrier Automatic Selection (FV)"

"Amadeus e-Support Centre for Travel Agents"

July 2011

"Addition of an Infant name post Adult's Ticketing "

"Amadeus Sign in Security Update"

June 2011

"Check My Trip new enhancement"

"Amadeus PNR Security"

May 2011

"Amadeus Fare Diagnostics"

April 2011

"Booking Process - Chauffeur Service by Emirates"

"Refund Guidelines"

March 2011

"Amadeus Fare Guarantee"

"New Hotel Partial Points of Reference – Tokyo & Prague"

"Cancelled (HX) PNRs Handling"

"Fare Guarantee on BA Tickets Issued in Amadeus System"

February 2011

"Air India – Indian Merger "

"TST Enhancement – New Number Allocation Process"

"Credit Card Concealment in Amadeus Interface Record (A.I.R)"

"Credit Card Concealment in Remark Elements (PNR)"

January 2011

"Important Do's & Dont's"

November 2010

"Customer Profile - Credit Card Concealment"

"Hotel Partial Point of Reference Enhanced"

"Nextgen checkmytrip.com"

October 2010

"Secure Flight Ticketing Inhibition"

"Past date informative pricing now goes back to 2 years"

September 2010

"Secure Flight Passenger Data"

"Insurance via Email"

August 2010

"Important Guidelines to all Amadeus Subscribers"

"Amadeus PNR history enhancement"

June 2010

"Exit Row Seat Request"

May 2010

"Emirates Chauffeur-drive"

April 2010

"Amadeus Hotels Enhancement–Search by Lowest Rates"

"Amadeus Sign in Security Mandate"

"Tips for Better Security Management"

February 2010

"Amadeus Hotels Enhancement-Flexible Location Search"

"LPO Entry Enhanced"

January 2010

"PNR Reservation Modification Guidelines"

"Customer Profiles-Address in Structured Format"

November 2009

"Validating Carrier Check at Reissue"

October 2009

"LP transaction to search passenger list"

August 2009

"Hotel - Points of reference"

"TRDC Entry Reintroduced"

July 2009

"Past Date FQD"

"Amadeus Check My Trip"

"Enhancement to Free Baggage Allowance"

"Important Ticketing Gudielines"

March 2009

"ES Read and Ticket"

February 2009

"Airline Updates on Reissues and Refunds"

"Newsflash_XT Tax Removal_CMB"
" FAQs_XT Tax Removal_CMB"

November 2008

"Automated Ticketing Limits"
" FAQ on Automated Ticketing Limits"

October 2008

"Airline Updates on Reissues and Refunds"

September 2008

"Airline Updates on Reissues and Refunds"

August 2008

"Airline Updates on Reissues and Refunds"

JULY 2008

"PNR Pricing Enhanced"

JUNE 2008

"I - Path"

MAY 2008

"FAQ on 100% E-ticketing"

"100% E-ticketing"

JUNE 2007

"BSP Guidelines"

"Important Do's and Donts"

MAY 2007

"E-Ticketing "

APRIL 2007

"Useful Fare Quote Commands "

MARCH 2007

"PNR Guidelines "

"Amadeus Hotels "


"New Default Validating Carrier Processing for YQ/YR "

"Important Webconfig Announcement "


"SSR PSPT Decommissioning"



"YQ & YR guarantee - Sri Lanka "

"Amadeus Customer Service News "

" Flight Information at your Fingertips... "

JUNE 2006

" Amadeus enhances the entry for the name element ... "

" Amadeus is pleased to introduce the New Bilateral Foid ... "

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