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Solutions for Tour Operators

Amadeus can change the way you do business

The tour industry is changing radically. Amadeus understands the challenges and is developing a cutting edge, browser-based, automated solution that will fulfil your needs as a tour operator. You are broadening your product offerings is response to changing customer demands and to target different niches.

Travel agents are turning more and more to leisure travel as their main source of revenue. They are eager to have a wide range of products to offer their customers, as well as an automated, easy and efficient way to book a complete trip. Travellers too are getting more involved in their vacation planning.

You need to be present in multiple distribution channels to reach all your customers. And you need a system that will automate the entire process for you.

How can you benefit from this?

  • Amadeus can provide you with an automated, global distribution solution that gives you:
  • The platform for selling your complete range of leisure travel products
  • A distribution network through multiple channels to reach travel agents and end-consumers worldwide.
  • Real-time connectivity to supply up-to-date information on your products, availability and rates
  • An alternative to the fax to publicise your last-minute special offers and promotions
  • A cost-effective way to improve your call centre productivity and reduce strain on your internal resources.
  • A means to assist travel agency productivity

None of your products are too big, too small or too complex for us to handle

With our brand new solution you can distribute all types of products - from feeder flights to entire tour packages, escorted tours, excursions, coach transfers, tickets for events etc.

All will be available and bookable in real-time, across multiple channels - front office systems, websites, B2C solutions and so on. You will be able to reach travel agents and travellers alike.

A one-stop for leisure travel buyers

Our intuitive, friendly, graphical user interface is easy for both novice and experienced tour bookers to use. It will enable you to prompt bookers to take care of even the smallest details. Bookings are fully integrated into the PNR (Passenger Name Record) for agent documentation and back office purposes. Users can even order your tour brochures through our applications. We take automation for your industry seriously.

means any agency can access your products through the Internet - perfect for specialist agents working remotely. We can power your E-commerce sites and easily and securely integrate the solution into third party websites.

See Amadeus Advantages

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