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Amadeus Advantages

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Amadeus Fare Xpert Mark-Up and Distribution Module

Amadeus is about to supplement its FareXpert Filing Platform with a new Negotiated Fares module by mid-January 2007.

Amadeus Fare Xpert-is the GUI Version of Nego Fares which is the Mark-Up and Distribution Module, the speedy tool for mark-up of net fares and distribution to selected vendors. Amadeus Fare Xpert Mark-Up and Distribution Module is a tool for large travel agencies and tour operators that receive contracted net fares from the airlines and need to add their own mark-up to the fares.

Amadeus Fare Xpert Mark-Up and Distribution Module makes it possible to add the mark-up as a fixed sum or as a percentage, whichever you prefer. It also facilitates working with several levels depending on target groups, sales channels or geographical areas. Updates take just minutes and changes can be made just as quickly.

Match and meet competition in real time
Amadeus Fare Xpert Mark-Up and Distribution Module enables the agent to control the selling level of the fares thereby providing the capability to modify and adapt the mark-ups depending on the market. If a competing special offer needs to be met the agent can quickly adjust the mark-up and earnings in just a few keystrokes.

Enhanced service
Fares distributed to travel agencies through Amadeus Fare Xpert Mark-Up and Distribution Module are published immediately. You will save a great deal of time by not having to check other sources, no manual effort is needed and you can refine your search in order to pinpoint your customer's needs just as you do for published fares.

The fares will appear with the published range of fares and thereby help you to provide your customer with the best price, where any agreements or promotional fares will be taken into consideration.


Improve Reactivity

  • Access the Amadeus Fares Database in real time: updates apply immediately for pricing.
  • Manage your simple contracts with an adapted tool.

Limit Coding Errors

  • Reduce the risk of typing errors thanks to assisted fields.

Common FareXpert modules' features

  • Browser-based and secured
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface
  • Online assistance (tool-tips, online help, etc.)
  • Facilitation tools to help you such as copy/paste, sorting and search functionality

Functional features

This first release is mostly addressing the development of a Graphical User Interface to replace the Amadeus Nego cryptic transactions (XN-). It offers the following key features:

  • Manage all types of net contracts (Net only or Net + Selling)
  • Use any of the standard ticketing methods
  • Define faresí security using IATA, Amadeus office IDs or vendor aggregates
  • Dedicate fares to corporate travelers
  • Impose a large range of applicability conditions such as flight, stopover or combination
  • Attach Mileage, an ATPCo public routing or a negotiated routing to your fares

For current Nego cryptic users

Due to a major change in the internal structure, the migration from the current product to the future product cannot be automatic. But, in order to ensure a smooth migration, we will maintain the two applications in parallel to allow that:

  • All fares filed using Amadeus Nego cryptic transactions can be priced until March 08 so that customers do not have to re-file fares expiring before that date
  • Customers can progressively file all their new fares in FareXpert Negotiated Fares

Amadeus Vista

Amadeus Vista is the first universal browser based point of sale platform designed for travel professionals to increase revenues, work more efficiently and improve customer service.
Multi-language availability

Amadeus Vista 2.2 is available in:

  • English
  • German

Translation by request in the following languages:

  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Amadeus Value Pricer

Amadeus Value Pricer , a low fare search solution from Amadeus, matches the least expensive fares with available flights in a matter of seconds. By examining every available flight and fare combination you can be confident of getting the best available fares for your customers.

Amadeus Email

Amadeus Email is an easy tool, which has specially been introduced for all Amadeus users to transmit journey information to customers via email. This includes messages, itineraries and Amadeus outputs such as air displays, weather forecasts, schedules, etc.

Pre-defined self-guiding host keys further ease the task of learning cryptic entries.

PNR Quality Check

PNR Quality Check is a windows based customized solution that carries out some pre-defined quality checks on Amadeus PNR's. It helps create quality compliant reservations for valued customers thus ensuring minimum errors and maximum service to the traveler. This helps agents ensure they are not missing out on any crucial data such as meal or seat request, other services information, ticket numbers, passenger contact, etc.


PNR SMS has been specifically designed keeping in mind the convenience of Amadeus users. This product allows users to send itineraries to the cell phones of their customers via the Short Messaging Service. In this day and age where everyone is armed with a cell phone, SMS is the most economical way of communication. Innovative and exciting it will ease your working. With a simple click on their reservation screen, agents are able to communicate journey details instantly to their passengers at anytime, anywhere in the world! With this cost-effective tool travel agents now can reach their customers at all times, all places without having to bother them at odd hours. Today the world is all about delivering timely service and PNR SMS meets up to its expectations.

Ticketing Scripts

Ticketing script is an attractive tool, which simplifies host related tasks by providing a graphical interface to the automated ticketing commands.

It helps the users to carry out cryptic ticketing entries such as printing tickets, storing fares, reissues etc. by providing custom windows within Amadeus Pro Tempo. Each command leads you to the next step, thereby making the automated ticketing very simple and easy to learn and use on the Amadeus system.

Ticketing Solutions

E ticketing

E ticketing is a procedure where there is no need to give flight coupons to the passenger.

The passenger only needs to carry an 'itinerary receipt' containing details of the entire itinerary, fare, taxes and form of payment. The passenger gives his/her photo-identification at the airport and the boarding pass is issued at the time of check-in .

+ E ticket

Amadeus + E-Ticket is a graphical application that runs on the front office products like Protempo or Vista. This script based product checks the presence of mandatory ticketing elements and automatically issues an Etkt.

UETTR (Unused Electronic Tracking Report)

The Amadeus e-ticketing functionality brings to you a new feature called UETTR (unused electronic ticket tracking report). This report allows you to search a request for a list of unused electronic tickets and it provides the travel agencies the ability to quickly identify past date unused e tickets without manual intervention.

The unused tickets can be reissued, revalidated and refunded (as per airline rules).


Satellite Ticket Printing (STP) is a document delivery solution combining convenience and cost- effectiveness and is therefore, a necessary solution for travel agents to offer their customers an efficient and a high quality product.

Ticketing process remains the same in this case as the travel counselor enters the command to issue the ticket in the Amadeus system from the issuing office, but instead of the ticket being printed in the issuing office, the ticket is physically printed in the customer's premises (the implant location).

Automated ticketing Solution

The automated ticket printing solution has been developed to provide the functionality, which will support the issuance of tickets on continuous stationary.

Existing Scenario- Paper tickets of BSP in India and in Sri Lanka soon up coming in Bangladesh markets as well .

Automated ticketing Solution - Non BSP Airlines-Ticket Writer

Ticket Writer is a windows based software application designed to interface with the Amadeus central system. It automates printing of manual tickets, thus reducing the risk and cost of human error.

It is primarily positioned for non-BSP markets/ airlines, GSA's and PSA's.


Amadeus is pleased to introduce the facility of advising ticket limits for travel agencies using the Short Messaging Service (SMS) technology.

Especially created to cater to capping requests post business hours and public holidays, this product allows the authorized mobile users to update the capping limits on the Amadeus system, using predefined formats over the SMS.

There is no Internet or email required to send the request. Using the Short Messaging Service (SMS) of a mobile phone, the authorized airline personnel can key in the request to Amadeus India.

Agent Net

Agent Net brings you a world of information. It is a web platform of booking, marketing, sales and travel information tools for travel agents to be more profitable and more efficient. To unveil this information click on www.agentnet.com.

Net Trans

Net Trans is a hotel commission clearing proactive service, which initiates commission consolidation as soon as the booking data is received.

Net trans active commission service is fully integrated with Amadeus system.

No I.T. implementation and no other investment in services infrastructure is required.

Amadeus Insurance

Amadeus Insurance is a unique, powerful sales and marketing tool for travel insurance providers. This product provides the opportunity to travel agents to sell travel insurance online on the Amadeus system, thereby offering a value added service to their customers such as cancellation and luggage insurance, travel assistance and multi-risk insurance.

The existing i nsurance providers to distribute their travel products via the Amadeus GDS are:


Negotiated Fares

Negotiated Fares are lower than published fares, which are set by agreements between airlines and travel agencies. These fares are integrated into the Amadeus fare quote system by the product called "Negotiated Fares The authorized travel agents can display; automatically price and ticket Amadeus Negotiated fares. These are guarded by a series of sophisticated security controls and fare validations, which ensure fares from being misinterpreted or misused and maintains confidentiality.


+Corp Code is a locally developed graphical based tool that works with Amadeus front office products. It is used to complete pricing entries with corporate codes retrieved from the negotiated fares database. This tool is used to facilitate travel agencies when quoting corporate fares. The database comprises of corporation names mapped with numbers. In addition, appointed agency names are mapped with Office IDs and corporate tour codes. The NMC is the administrator and controller of this database, which is updated and sent by the Amadeus Queue.

Automated Refunds

Automated Refunds- the latest addition to the range of ticketing products provides a highly efficient time saving method of refunding paper tickets. The smart, flexible, user friendly, easy to use refund transactions automatically searches for the original ticket sale that is stored in the Amadeus database and is used to populate refunds.

Amadeus Learning City

You can minimize your overall training costs yet give your agents all the benefits of e learning with Amadeus Learning City.

ALC is not only a cost-effective training solution but it is also an efficient migration and mass training solution. It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so your agents can learn anytime and anywhere to rapidly gain expertise on the Amadeus system.

Make the most of your site by offering your employees individual learning solutions. Or go one step further and add your own lessons, assessments and documentation!

Live Chat

Instant Help at hand
Chat with the Help desk through Vista "Live Chat" .

Acces Rail

Access Rail is a unique solution whereby railways can integrate their products with air in the GDS display. Acces Rail is a grouping of railways including:

  • Swedish Railways (SJ)
  • Norwegian Railways (NSB)
  • Austrian Railways (O E BB)
  • Skånetrafiken
  • Connex Sweden
  • BritRail
  • IATA Carrier Code 9B
  • Secure settlement through Bank Settlement Plan (BSP) on Hahn Air stock

Amadeus Switch

Amadeus Switch is a windows based application to convert commands of one CRS to the other. The commands can also be transmitted to the Amadeus central system. Ideal for new hires who have worked on another CRS and need to adapt fast to working on Amadeus

The inbuilt QRG feature is available as well.

Amadeus Policy Arranger

Amadeus has launched Policy Arranger, a unique automated travel management tool that significantly reduces time spent by travel agencies administering corporate travel policy data. By using Amadeus Policy Arranger, an agent's time to complete a corporate booking can be reduced by up to 40 per cent as the need to copy headquarters policy and profile data is eliminated. With Amadeus Policy Arranger, corporate travel policies and profiles created at a company's global headquarters are automatically inherited by local branch offices and subsidiaries via a built-in hierarchy system. Amadeus Policy Arranger is completely integrated into the Amadeus System.

Amadeus Cruise

Amadeus Cruise is a completely new automated distribution tool, which gives you immediate international reach, changing the way cruises are booked.

You can enjoy real-time message exchange between Amadeus and your reservation system. Amadeus agents in the main cruise markets worldwide can instantly access your data and book your cruises securely and in record time.

Our standardized booking process and user-friendly graphical interface makes it easy for both novice and experienced agents to book cruises.

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