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Amadeus Vista

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Sell Faster | Sell Smarter | Sell More | Smooth Migration

Amadeus Vista is the first universal browser-based point of sale platform designed for travel professionals to increase revenues, work more efficiently and improve customer service.

In short Amadeus Vista gives you all you need to show your customers what only a Travel Agent can do!

Amadeus Vista is the most widely used browser-based travel sales platform in the world.

To find out more about Amadeus Vista visit the Amadeus Sell the World website . There you will be able to request a brochure, view the demo, ask for a sales visit from an Amadeus Sales Expert and read customer stories!

Sell faster. Sell smarter. Sell more.

Improved efficiency and greater opportunities for selling and servicing travellers are the key drivers behind Amadeus Vista.

Sell Faster! flexible workflows and built-in efficiency tools

  • Amadeus Vista features a combined cryptic/graphic interface - allowing consultants to work in graphic or command mode or a combination of both, whichever is faster for them.
  • Efficient tools for customer profiles and preferences; seat maps and car information; insurance sales and more. No need to remember complex entries.
  • Greater process efficiencies with integration of third party applications and content.
  • Amadeus Vista is full of unique tools to increase process efficiencies:
    • Quick PNR - speeds up booking process
    • Speedmode - lets experienced agents work even faster
    • Smart Keys - reduces key strokes; speeds up repetitive tasks
    • Enhanced screen design and usability - offers easier, more intuitive work process
    • Dual City Pairs - books roundtrip tickets in a single step
    • New Hotel workflow - faster hotel sales
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Sell smarter! great customer service enhancers

Quite simply, with Amadeus Vista, you know your customers better; you can provide a more personalised service and have more time to concentrate on the customer rather than on the booking.

  • Full graphical customer profiling tools - easy to keep a log of all customers and their histories and preferences.
  • Quick and easy profile creation and management.
  • Hotels Multimedia - easier to access and provide more complete hotel information.
  • Easy integration of third-party service extras into the sales process e.g. limousine service, theatre tickets.
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Sell More! greater content access - more to sell at your fingertips

Amadeus Vista gives better access to all content, making it easier than ever to sell high-revenue non-air travel products and add-ons:

  • Fast, integrated single-screen access to all travel content - great for growing high-revenue non-air sales.
  • Integration of third-party content thanks to Amadeus Vista's new open technology.
  • Amadeus Vista is the only platform that can fully integrate third-party content and applications, via the PNR, from front-to-back office that means no more toggling between applications; fewer errors and speedier streamlined sales.
  • New on Amadeus Vista: hotel photos and mapping - great to find the right hotel for your customers and close sales faster.
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Amadeus Vista: the change is smooth!

Amadeus offers full support to ensure smooth and efficient migration to Amadeus Vista:

  • Implementation is quick and easy - minimum disruption to business.
  • Because Amadeus Vista runs on standard hardware and IP networks, you have a range of flexible and cost-efficient configuration options.
  • Thanks to its full graphical interface and built-in training tools you can get consultants up to speed in a matter of hours.
  • Optimisation of Amadeus Vista in the longer term is effortless - upgrades and new enhancements are deployed remotely and automatically.
  • Helpdesk services - encompass virtual troubleshooting, reducing the need for time-consuming on-site technical assistance.
  • New modules and add-ons - will be as easy to learn and use as Amadeus Vista is today, eliminating huge amounts of training down-time.
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Multi-language availability

Amadeus Vista 2.2 is available in:

  • English
  • German

Translation by request in the following languages:

  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Sell the World

Now with Amadeus Vista you can sell the world!
For general inquires, please go to information request .

See Amadeus Advantages

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