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Solutions for Travel Professionals

Increasingly sophisticated customer demands and technological progress mean irrevocable changes to travel products and service attitudes. Amadeus is taking a lead and has positioned itself to harness the latest technology and service philosophies.

Consequently, we offer travel agency professionals the best in distribution solutions through an unprecedented combination of products and services.

Powerful and advanced user-friendly products

  • Our products give you fast and easy access to:
  • Our database of over 500 airline inventories (representing more than 95% of the world's scheduled airline seats)
  • 300 hotel chains (representing more than 53,000 hotel properties)
  • 48 car rental companies (serving 24,000 locations)
  • Other travel providers such as ferry, rail, cruise, insurance and tour operators

A unique open partnership approach

Amadeus's clients benefit from our friendly and open style which is unparalleled in the industry. We have established a comprehensive network of National Marketing Companies (NMCs).

These serve their local markets (usually a country) and focus on delivering electronic and Internet travel distribution products and services to travel agency professionals, and in turn, to their corporate and leisure customers.

Successful together

The travel industry is arguably the most interesting and complex in the world. The future holds many challenges, but together Amadeus and its clients can tackle these and enjoy shared success. In short Amadeus provides an unbeatable, cost-effective solution for every client's needs.

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