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'Tools for automatic ticket reissuing have potential to increase airline revenues by millions of euros per year'

Air France is the first airline to benefit from Amadeus Ticket Changer

Madrid, 6 September 2005: Estimates from the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) indicate that close to 10 per cent of all tickets are reissued at least once before travel on the ticket is completed. Consequently, tools to aid automatic ticket reissuing have the potential to increase airline revenues by several million euros per year, the sources add.

In response, Amadeus, a global leader in technology and distribution solutions for the travel and tourism industry, is launching a new automatic ticket reissue tool, Amadeus Ticket Changer, that will provide immediate savings to airlines.

According to ATPCO, a ticket reissue tool can enable airlines to increase revenues by up to 160 USD (some 130 euros) per ticket reissue, by automatically calculating new fares including additional collections and penalties. By using Amadeus Ticket Changer, the time taken to produce new tickets will be reduced from 30 minutes to a few seconds, and the need for back office checks on manually reissued tickets will also decrease. "With Ticket Changer, Amadeus continues to reinforce its leading-edge IT solutions portfolio that enables airlines to improve operations and simplify their processes," says Frédéric Spagnou, Vice President, Airline Business Group, Amadeus.

By automating the ticket reissuance process, Amadeus Ticket Changer:

  • allows airlines to achieve a world wide consistency in their reissue policies.
  • decreases the need, and expense involved, for back office checks on manually reissued tickets, as well as the number of debit memos sent to travel agencies.
  • introduces a new value-adding service for travel agencies, who ultimately transfer increased levels of service to travellers.

Air France is the first airline to benefit from Amadeus Ticket Changer. Henri Hourcade, Vice President of Distribution & e-Commerce for the airline, said, "nearly two million Air France tickets are changed after being issued. We believe Ticket Changer will help us make several million euros of additional revenue. It will enable us to collect fare penalties and other amounts relating to the modification of the tickets more efficiently. Just as importantly, it will deliver increased levels of customer and staff satisfaction by accelerating the transaction times. We have chosen to work with Amadeus because Ticket Changer matches our own global perspective. We are also satisfied with the simplicity involved in the implementation."

Developed in line with ATPCO standards , Amadeus Ticket Changer processes both domestic and international itineraries, currencies for all countries, e-tickets issued by Amadeus and other reservation systems, as well as public and private fares and interline tickets for partner airlines.

"Drawing on Amadeus' global infrastructure, Amadeus Ticket Changer is the first system of its kind to provide a truly international perspective," adds Spagnou.

Airlines that host their sales and reservations through Amadeus, today 150, will be able to automatically access Amadeus Ticket Changer through any point of sale, including airline ticket offices, travel agencies, and even their own websites. Other airline customers will be able to access Amadeus Ticket Changer in a stand-alone mode from their own system.

Notes to the Editors:

Amadeus is a world leading technology and distribution system provider that has been delivering unparalleled expertise to the travel and tourism industry for nearly 20 years. In the airline sector, Amadeus works with leading network, regional and low-cost carriers (LCCs).

Its pioneering new generation Customer Management Solution, Altéa, based on a community model, enables network and regional carriers to improve operational efficiency and increase revenues. Based on a common platform the portfolio consists of the Altéa reservation, inventory management and departure control solutions.

LCCs have an alternative Customer Management Solution based on adaptive technology, providing them with a robust option that easily adapts to their evolving business needs.

Amadeus also provides other leading e-commerce and IT solutions, including:

  • e-Travel Planitgo , the industry's most widely adopted online booking engine serves over 60 customers powering over 120 websites including airlines such as Air France, Air Canada, bmi, Iberia, and Qantas,
  • Flex Pricer an online merchandising solution proven to increase online yield and customer loyalty,
  • Electronic Ticket Server , offering airlines full e-ticketing interlining and ground-handling capabilities,
  • and Revenue Integrity , designed to both streamline processes and increase yield.

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